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I have a range of different services available and so here is an overview with links to find out more information so you can make an informed decision about if working with me directly or accessing any of my offers works for you.

1-1 service


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Trauma informed 12 week transformational program of creativity coaching to overcome limiting beliefs and boost confidence.

Use art and other methods of creativity  to explore and express your TRUE self so that you can take aligned action towards your goals. 

Group program

The Creative R+R

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Boost your confidence and feel energised with The Creative R+R. A 28 day group program focussing on creativity, self expression and  self care through artreflective spaces and coaching. 

Starts 17th June until 14th July 

Online course


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This online self study program includes creative ways to explore, regulate and express emotions and be able to connect with your TRUE SELF. 

By joining this program you will get access to monthly online art workshops for whole of 2024. 



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FREE 3 part video series all about self care and understanding why its easier to help others than ourselves and why there is a gap between knowing and doing.

Workbook and affirmations poster included

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