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What does it mean to be Authentic?

What does it mean to be Authentic?

As in the Passenger song, ‘You only know you’ve been high when you’ re feeling low’ people feel so many emotions and even though it is difficult i feel grateful to experience a whole spectrum of them.

Everyone has bad days or bad weeks, bad months, bad years. Everyone experiences difficulties, affecting their emotions and capacity for happiness. We all have thoughts feelings and sensations that affect us positively and negatively causing us to act in different ways, sometimes sending us into a downward spiral.

What is often said is that these low moments will not last (how do they know?) and even though I often feel stuck, I know in my heart that it will not last. I know that in time I will pick myself up and carry on and be back to feeling myself again…..back to feeling stronger…….but ……sometimes in the moment nothing anyone says helps, even though all very supportive and sensible suggestions. It’s like I turn into a stubborn mule whereby i have to sit it out and let the waves flow and sleep it off waiting until the sunrises before I can feel different.

The good, the bad and the ugly are all parts of our true selves and nothing to feel ashamed of or dismiss. Accepting all aspects of yourself is an amazing wholehearted thing, although easier done in hindsight when no longer feeling fear, doubt, apathy and self loathing. Confusion of what is acceptable from modern society with phrases such as ‘Its ok not to be ok’ contrasting with ‘stay positive’ and ‘It’s not the situation that’s the problem but your response that matters’, can sometimes make people reach out to the wrong people or feel shame and disconnection perhaps even feeling like a burden or a toxic negative influence. All irrational thoughts and we do know this as we also know that words are just constructs representative of a friends compassion or lack of, but it just feels very real at the time.

We all have had moments when we don’t accept and love ourselves and our flaws. Moments when we beat ourselves up and feel ashamed of who we are, our negative feelings and the way we behave in situations. Sometimes shame for feeling too happy or too crazy or for not fitting into a perfect human mould. These moments stop us being true to ourselves and delay us connecting to a true self that can feel the good stuff, feel confident and experience joy

The acceptance of our authentic selves and the difficulties that come with it are all part of who we are. Being able to accept and share our vulnerability is key to connecting with ourselves, the world and others. It is essential way to help heal our wounds and find our purposes in life.

Don’t worry if you feel that you are not enough too much or both at different times…….allow yourself to feel it knowing that you will feel more than enough again soon and feel confident with your authentic self.

Be ACE! ♡


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