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I love hiking and being outdoors and appreciate not only the physical challenge but the social an emotional impact going on an adventure has. I love walking in the UK in mountainous areas like Snowdonia and the lake district as well as exploring the Yorkshire dales and where my feet and camera take me.

As a trainee ML (Mountain Leader) who is steadily working towards assessment I continue to learn about navigation, route planning and leadership working with groups. It feels important for my personal development and I am enjoying the journey. love mountains with their interesting views, rugged terrain and the feeling of overcoming a challenge, plus I'm a sucker for a trig point. I equally enjoy exploring forests, caves, lakes and waterfalls.

As well as the obvious physical benefits, walking and the outdoors is really good for mental health and so rather than rushing up and down a route I prefer to take my time.

It's a form of mindfulness; being actively aware of the environment, the flora and fauna and how the ground changes beneath ones feet alongside the views.

Its great to really breathe in the air and put worries into perspective.

Here is selection of my favourite photos taken on hikes in the UK, some of which have been used as inspiration or a starting point for my art.


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