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Pineapple People 🍍

Why be an apple, orange or banana when you can be a pineapple?

This idea has been with me for a few years,emerging during a time my mum was in hospital for a few months. The doctors expressed how baffled they were at her symptoms and how they struggled to find an answer. At a time where we would have been worried and uncertain, we as her children were left feeling a sense of connection. I cant help but look back in admiration at mums optimism or at least expressed optimism as I imagine there were times in hospital where she felt very lonely, isolated and scared.

Being called a pineapple brought about fun, brought a connection and made being unique feel extra special and magic.

The whole pineapple thing took on a special meaning for me. Mum I imagine didnt think too much of it but I had ideas of a tattoo of a pineapple and constantly saw a pineapple as a way of turning fear of isolation and the unknown into acknowledgement of individuality and adventure.

Really celebrating authenticity.

Sometimes it's nice to feel unique, other times its lonely and isolating.

How do we connect with others and recognise our similarities and differences?

How do we change?

How are we influenced by others?

When do we conform and put our authentic selves to the side in order to connect?

When do we stand tall like a pineapple?


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