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Ways to create aligned art

Updated: Apr 2

Art really can be magic both in the making of it and in viewing it at the end.

It can really help people to feel energised and of a high vibrational frequency aligned with their true selves……. Being aligned and managing own energy levels can impact the quality of the art and so there is a reciprocal relationship.

Here are 5 tips to follow to create abstract art that aligns with you and raises your vibration.

Tip 1: Be open to mistakes and mess in your art….. no need to be perfect neat or to have a finished piece straight away…… allowing yourself to build up many layers and keep working on a piece can be a great metaphor for personal development.

Tip 2) Recognise your current feelings and needs….. perhaps your energy levels are low and so need to work small in your sketchbook for a while or perhaps you are needing to work big and express your feelings in a cathartic way.

Tip 3) Get out in nature and take inspiration from the sounds and things around you. A change in the environment doesn’t always mean you stop making art, you could make art outside even use leaves etc to create with or change your art studio environment by adding music

Tip 4) Try new techniques e.g. Paint with both hands at once…. Bilateral drawing and painting is a great way of connecting your mind and body and helping someone to feel grounded. It’s a tool used in art therapy and beneficial in healing trauma.

Tip 5) Be present in your process and allow yourself to have fun. Being “in the zone” or “at flow” means having an optimum challenge to skill ratio which could mean you could be making art for a long time and not notice the time passing.


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